Doron Tavory (IL) / Schaupieler

Was born in Haifa und studied Drama and Theatre in London, Great Britain. He returned to his nativ Israel in 1974. Since then he partipated in more than 70 shows as principal actor, has worked as director ann translator of plays into Hebrew (from German, French, Spanish and English), and as artistic director of various theatre venues and theatre festivals throughout the country. His latest performance was in ”Every Good Boy Deserves Favour“ by Tom Stoppard at the Haifa Theater. He also played the part of Gustav Mahler in Paulus Manker’s renowed Jerusalem production of the ongoing Alma Mahler Performance Saga in 2009, and he won international acclaim for his principal role in the prize-winning Israeli film ”Lemon Tree“ in 2008. Tavory is today one of Israle’s lead actors, known as controversial due to his uncompromising stand in the Peace movement, his commitment to the development ”another“ theatre and his swift moving between the lines of ”High“ and ”Low“-brow cultural work, between institutional and alternative theatre.